Research, innovation and development to support the shift from a North-South Western-centered solidarity paradigm in terms of resources and practices, to a new multipolar model that is much more complex in connection with the concepts of human development, sustainable development and social change and at the confluence of sometimes divergent interests from a variety of actors (donors, companies, institutions, media, etc.).

This is the response of the Masaka Laboratory to an unprecedented context making the field of international humanitarian action more complex, even though it must manage needs of an unparalleled scale, in particular in connection with demographic pressure and the uncontrolled growth of the areas. peri-urban areas, protracted armed conflicts and crises, chronic underdevelopment, or even more frequent and destructive natural disasters due to climate change.

The response of the Masaka Laboratory to difficulties which call for humanitarian action to operate a real transformation, because they reveal a period of transition, which was not anticipated, and which reflects the scope and the challenges of a restored humanity and reaffirmed in humanitarian action in Africa.

The partnership with universities and research structures is one of the major orientations of our approach, as is the promotion of a community of practice on local leadership and localization in Africa under the guidance of our scientific council.
Masaka, incubator of solutions and innovations in the humanitarian sector, disaster risk reduction and management Africa.
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